How do you move a couch in an apartment?

How to move the sofaMeasure the dimensions of everything. It's a good bet that removing the doors to your apartment will make your job easier. Determine the best strategy to get the sofa out of your apartment. Large and heavy, the furniture is quite difficult to move, especially to an upstairs apartment.

Maneuvering bulky furniture in a narrow elevator or climbing several flights of stairs is awkward and laborious and frankly dangerous. To avoid personal injury and damage to your items, you need to know how to move furniture to an apartment safely and efficiently, and you need reliable help. You will need to disassemble all the larger parts and take extra precautions so as not to scratch or damage the elevator (wrap your furniture in blankets for moving, make sure there are no protruding parts that could scratch the walls, etc.) You may also have to wait to use the elevator, and if you are using a professional services for moving, you will be charged an additional elevator fee for lost time. After collecting the measurements of the sofa, you will need to measure the door opening that the sofa should pass through.

When it comes to particularly narrow doors, this is a crucial step in determining how you will position your sofa to fit successfully. Using a tape measure, gather the height and width of the door. Be sure to measure each of the doors in your apartment or house that the sofa will have to go through. It is usually the case that different doors have different dimensions, despite being in the same house.

This will make it easier to move, since no pieces will fall out on your way and will lighten the weight of the sofa. You don't have to worry about carrying heavy sofas, tables and dressers, and instead, you can let people who are engaged in moving things for a living. If you're going into or out of an apartment with an elevator, be sure to measure the door and the width of the space to make sure the sofa fits properly. This will take some weight off it and make the sofa much easier to maneuver through hallways and doors.

If you find that your sofa is too wide and too tall for your door, then the length of the sofa will have to be shorter than the height of the door for a successful move. Instead of banging him through the entrance like the Hulk, try to move the couch at different angles and experiment to see the best way to get him through the door.

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