How do you move a couch into an apartment building?

Get your sofa out of the doorRemove the door from its hinges. Remove any part of the sofa you can. Wrap your furniture after passing it through the door. Check the parking restrictions for your apartment.

You will have to disassemble all the larger parts and take extra precautions so as not to scratch or damage the elevator (wrap your furniture in blankets for moving, make sure there are no protruding parts that could scratch the walls, etc.) You may also have to wait to use the elevator, and if you are using professional moving services, you will be charged an additional elevator fee for lost time. Sliding it is an option to make it easier. It is best to do this on a hardwood floor or other floor that is not carpeted, although it can also be done on a carpet. Place a blanket on the floor, preferably a mobile blanket if you have one, and gently move the furniture over it.

Place a sofa on its edge to make it easier to get through the doors. You'll be able to slide it at least halfway to its final destination once you've completed it. Protect the sofa by first covering it with plastic wrap, and then cover the railings of the sofa and balcony with a mobile blanket or a thick cloth. To avoid personal injury and damage to your items, you need to know how to move furniture to an apartment safely and efficiently, and you need reliable help.

Consequently, these steps may not work or be limited by obstacles such as shrubs or trees, the size and weight of the sofa and the height of the balcony from the ground (since the risk of accidents increases as the height increases). After taking the sofa to the balcony, it is better to remove the ropes, straps and blankets before moving it to the apartment. Moving a sofa can be a little tricky, especially if you live on the second, third or fourth floor of an apartment building, as stairs often have sharp corners and are too narrow to accommodate. If your furniture cannot be dismantled and does not fit through the doors or in the stairs and hallways of your new apartment building, you have only one way to insert the piece into your high-floor house: through a window.

There you have it with some ropes, blankets, plastic wrap and an optional inclined plane and sliders; you can move your sofa over the balcony by following the steps described in the article. Now that you know how to move furniture to an upstairs apartment, you will be able to plan your move properly and ensure a safe, smooth and hassle-free relocation. To lift a sofa over a balcony, remove the legs and cover it with plastic wrap and blankets to prevent scratches and tears. Even if you have enough help and the right moving equipment, placing furniture in an upstairs apartment is a laborious and dangerous task.

I know a lot of people who bought flat furniture, assembled it in their apartments, and couldn't get it out when they moved in.

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