How do you move a shed for moving?

How to move a shed: 7 easy ways to move the shed by hand, use pipes or other rollers, use movable rollers, drag the shed on skates, dismantle the shed, use a forklift or tractor with forks, use a trailer. The easiest way to lift a shed is to use a lever. By placing a foothold near the shed, you can increase your body weight so that one corner of the shed can be lifted enough to place a concrete block underneath. This can be repeated in other corners of the shed so that the shed is supported on concrete blocks and the rollers can be placed underneath.

Then the lever is used to gently lift the shed so that the blocks can be removed and the shed can be lowered onto the rollers. You can move it by hand with PVC rollers or rent a forklift to drive the shed from one place to another. These are the most common methods. If you have unlimited funds, you may be able to rent a crane that will pick up the entire structure.

But you probably don't have that scratch and don't want to deal with the headaches of hiring an operator, getting the necessary permits, etc. It's best to go for the first two options.

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