Moving Furniture into a High-Rise Apartment: 10 Strategies for a Smooth Transition

Moving to a high-rise apartment is an exciting and stressful occasion. You can imagine waking up to your new view of the city, the mountains or the beach while you live on the 25th floor. However, you are not sure how to successfully move your belongings from your old apartment. Here's a look at ten pre-move-in and move-in day strategies that ensure your transition to a high-rise apartment goes smoother.

The best way to climb heavy furniture is to use an elevator, but sometimes you may not have access to one. In this case, furniture is most often moved up the stairs with the help of two people. It is important to take extra precautions when climbing furniture up the stairs so as not to hurt yourself or damage the item. Additional storage in the form of a self-storage unit or portable container can be a lifesaver when you move to a high-rise apartment, especially if you are in the process of downsizing a larger house.

Unless you're moving from one apartment to another, you'll likely need to tidy up and downsize to accommodate your new high-rise residence. If there was a time when you wanted to consider paying the high price for a full-service moving experience, it might be for a high-rise move. If your furniture cannot be dismantled and does not fit through the doors or in the stairs and hallways of your new apartment building, you have only one way to insert the piece into your high-floor house: through a window. You will need to disassemble all the larger parts and take extra precautions so as not to scratch or damage the elevator (wrap your furniture in blankets for moving, make sure there are no protruding parts that could scratch the walls, etc.).Moving furniture upstairs is not an easy task, but with a little knowledge, a lot of careful planning and enough labor, you can achieve success. Even if you have enough help and the right moving equipment, placing furniture in an upstairs apartment is a laborious and dangerous task.

Fortunately, some moving professionals can work according to the rules and regulations of high-rise apartments. To avoid personal injury and damage to your items, you need to know how to move furniture to an apartment safely and efficiently, and you need reliable help. Before you go up, go down with these tips to help your skyscraper move easy and windy like summer nights from your new balcony over the city:

  • Configure Your Design Beforehand: Take measurements of all your furniture pieces before moving them into your new high-rise apartment. This will help you determine if they will fit through doorways and hallways.
  • Make a Pre-Move Checklist: Make sure that all of your items are packed properly before moving them into your new home. This will help ensure that nothing gets left behind.
  • Climbing Furniture Upstairs: Climbing furniture up the stairs is not a single person's task: the furniture is large and heavy and must be carried by two people.
  • Additional Storage: Consider using additional storage in the form of a self-storage unit or portable container when moving into a high-rise apartment.
  • Window Insertion: If your furniture cannot be dismantled and does not fit through doors or hallways, consider inserting it through a window.
With good planning and preparation, you'll enjoy those panoramic views in no time.

All in all, there is no easy way to climb the furniture up the stairs, you just have to go one step at a time and be careful and determined. Whether you're renting for the first time or considering yourself an experienced professional in the renting world, it's important that you know and comply with your high-rise apartment policy and safety regulations before you move.

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