Packing Up and Moving Fast: Tips and Tricks for Last-Minute Moves

Moving can be a stressful experience, especially when you have to do it quickly. Whether you're relocating for work, downsizing, or just need a change of scenery, packing up and moving fast is possible with the right plan. Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you pack up your house or apartment quickly for a last-minute move. The first step is to purge. Take the time to go through your belongings and decide what you need and what you don't.

This will save you time, space, and money in the long run. Pack an “essentials” box or bag with items you'll need access to during your move and immediately after you arrive at your new place, such as important documents, medications, chargers, basic toiletries, a couple of changes of clothes, etc. Recruit some friends to help you pack. Moving is a lot easier with an extra set of hands. Be sure to supply masks and hand sanitizer and keep everyone working in separate, well-ventilated rooms whenever possible to make your packing party pandemic-friendly. When packing fragile items such as dishes and glasses, use items you can find around your house creatively.

Wrap each knife on a whole sheet of wrapping paper, and then wrap a kitchen towel around them and secure it all with an elastic band. Pack the knives sideways, never looking up. Carry soft, flexible items such as towels, blankets, folded clothes, and toilet paper into a garbage bag instead of a box. Garbage bags contain more than boxes and can be crushed to fill the space of your car or moving truck. Reuse common household items such as tissue paper, newspapers, bubble envelopes, egg cartons to protect your fragile items in boxes.

When packing glasses for moving, use a box with cardboard dividers to protect the glasses and wrap them in many layers of paper to protect them. Cups and bowls can be packed one inside the other, with paper in the middle, and wrapped three or four in one package. With your to-do list ready, it's time to ask for all your moving favors. Anyone you have helped to move inside your capsule should be called as soon as possible. Friends and family should be asked to safely lend a hand, as well as last minute calls for everyone on deck. If packing for a move in three days is a huge challenge, packing a house in one day is practically impossible.

If you need to pack up your house quickly and you commit to devoting every waking hour to achieve it, on average it will take you about 3 to 5 days to pack a three-bedroom house. The last day before the move is likely to be quite stressful and chaotic, so the fewer packing tasks left, the better. Before moving day, try to find time to pack your precious works of modern art, your American kitsch collection, knickknacks, your old movie posters or anything else that adorns your walls. We'll show you the quickest and easiest way to pack your house for a last-minute move with tips on how to do it quickly and efficiently. Get more tips for cleaning up the mess before you move so that when you go to unload and unpack your items it won't be too stressful. Involve all family members in the packing process (including your children if they are old enough) and ask your good friends to give you a hand; after all this will give you the opportunity to spend more time together before the move remembering the past or planning for the future. Time may be relative but the correlation between the number of household items you have to move and the time it takes to pack them for shipment is constant: the fewer items you decide to move to your new home the less time it will take to prepare them for shipment. Packing up quickly doesn't have to be overwhelming if you come up with a plan and start getting things done as soon as possible. With these tips in mind you'll have less to pack less to move and less to unpack so that when you arrive at your new place you can start fresh with a clean slate.

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