How does moving and storage work?

A moving company can pack, load, transport and store additional items until you're ready to move them to your new home. You can select the items you want to store and let the moving company take them to a secure, air-conditioned storage center. Most companies include 30 days of storage in their estimate. It's an entire month of storage that you won't have to pay for separately.

Not to mention all the extra self-storage expenses you would avoid. When booking your moving company, make sure that all 30 days of storage are included. Some companies offer storage in a traditional facility, while others offer secure storage in a warehouse or truck yard. If the company offers warehouse-type storage, they'll most likely store your belongings in the capsule or truck so you don't have to worry about unpacking and repacking anything.

Most moving companies will keep your items under a storage contract in transit for up to 90 days. However, this depends on the company and its available storage units. Many big brands will help you find local long-term storage units if you need to keep your items longer than this period of time. While the process of moving containers varies from company to company, they are all quite similar.

A few days before the move, the moving container company delivers these storage containers to your front door. Customers then have several days to load their moving container with their belongings. Once the moving containers are packed, the company will pick up the container and take it to its destination. This is essentially a hybrid DIY movement.

The customer does part of the moving process themselves (packing and unpacking the container), while the moving container company delivers the portable container to its end point. Once you've finished unloading your moving container, the company will pick up the container and return it to a service center. The work will include general warehouse work, loading and unloading household items in storage vaults, and working on moving equipment to customer homes. Unlike local movers, long-distance moving companies take 7 to 21 business days to reach their location.

These portable storage containers can be used both to move and to store your things in an economical and convenient way. Fortunately, there are several reputable moving container companies to choose from when moving. Most traditional moving companies don't offer storage, which is one of the main reasons why people who need storage as part of their local move opt for portable moving containers. Local and long-distance moving companies can offer storage services.

planned or last-minute to help with the transition of a move. While you can use local movers to bring items to the unit, you can always opt for the DIY method and pack a moving truck for smaller loads. Many local and long-distance moving companies across the country offer short-term storage solutions for their customers. If you're preparing for a long-distance move, many companies include 30 days of free storage in their moving budget.

When you store at a company other than the one you're moving to, you may be responsible for unloading your belongings, organizing them inside the storage unit, and even loading them back into the truck.

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