How much does it cost to move a pod from one state to another?

Best Long Distance Moving Companies What size of moving container do you need What is the right size of moving truck? How to estimate the size of the storage unit you need Prices vary by company because container sizes are not the same across the board. For example, the 16-foot 1-800-PACK-RAT container can often fit throughout your home. On the other hand, it may take four or five U-Box U-Haul to do the same job. Moving containers can save you money on moving.

Still, you want to know what to expect when you enter. Our portable storage container tutorial guides you through basics like size, cost, insurance, and more. The most economical way to move long distances is usually to rent a moving container. Prices are usually lower than for rental trucks.

Plus, you save money on travel expenses, such as food, lodging and gas. This means that you are fully responsible for the little or a lot of space you use on your PODS storage units, and this gives you total control over the entire process. PODS containers have aluminum cladding panels with a steel frame, and the company promises that they are weather resistant and capable of withstanding 110 mph winds when partially full, which is good news for those of you in hurricane country. Since there are more people moving south, it usually costs a little less to move from south to north, usually with a difference of a few hundred dollars due to lower demand.

For example, some customers may choose to rent a moving bin for storage in a PODS facility. By embracing minimalism and getting rid of any furniture, clothing and other belongings that you don't really need in your new home, you can definitely reduce the cost of your move. PODS prices are based on several factors, including the number and size of your containers, distance, time frame, and season. Typically, the cost will be between the costs of hiring a full moving service and renting a moving truck.

PODS is one of the most recognized moving and storage companies specializing in residential moving. PODS will accept all major credit and debit cards, including Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover. The moving cost calculator requires four bits of information right from the start: where you start, where you are moving into, how many rooms you have, and when you will be moving. Before you dive in and order a PODS container, make sure you have planned a little ahead of time and do your best to estimate exactly what you need, how long you will need the container and where is your destination.

In fact, renting a portable moving container from PODS for an interstate move will cost you a quarter of what a full-service moving company would cost, while providing a secure way to store your things temporarily. Once you have finished loading, PODS will pick up the storage bin and deliver it to your storage centers or to your specified moving destination. Alright, now that we've established some portable storage container alternatives, let's take a look at PODS local moving prices. With a portable storage container, you won't have to worry about moving items to and from your home; professionals can drop them off and pick them up whenever you need to add or remove something from your pod.

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