Storage when moving house?

When you're ready, transporters will pick up the container and transport it to your new home or to a specialized storage facility. The cost of storage will depend on the number of vaults you need, how often you'll have to access your belongings, and how long you need to store them. So, you'll be looking for short-term storage options and you'll want a temporary storage solution that's as comfortable, affordable, and hassle-free as possible. For people who want to be as impassive as possible in their moving process and don't mind shelling out a large amount of money, hiring a full-service moving company that also offers storage may be an option.

When you have an idea of the date on which you want your items to be delivered again, contact the moving and storage company as soon as possible. You want your home to look fresh and tidy, so it makes a lot of sense to consider using storage for items you won't need while you're selling. When you move out of your house and need storage between the move and the move, you have two main options: use a self-storage facility OR use a moving company that offers its own storage. Self-storage facilities are another storage option during a move if you're not thinking of using a moving company.

If you don't use a moving company for storage, you'll have to consider the collection and delivery costs. The move is meant to be temporary, but you may need to store your belongings for as little as 2 or 3 weeks or up to six months. This means that the new house is full, and then projects have to wait until you have time to move things around and leave room to do them.

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If you use automatic storage instead of with the moving company, you'll have to consider the collection and delivery costs if you don't do it yourself, and in some places you'll also have to provide your own padlocks.

Thorough cleaning and vacuuming everything that's going to be stored is the best way to avoid this (and a potentially harmful mess).

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