Who Can Move Your Storage Shed Safely and Efficiently?

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced company to move your storage shed? Look no further than Heavy Haulers! We have the expertise and resources needed to transport your shed, not only across town, but also throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Moving a shed with the right equipment is essential to ensure that your cargo is delivered safely. For more than a decade, we have been perfecting the process of moving sheds, finding the best trucks, trailers and safety measures to get your storage shed where it needs to be. Outdoor sheds are a great addition to any home.

They provide storage and protection for your items and tools, freeing up valuable space in your home. Whether you need to move your structure across town or across a courtyard, Heavy Haulers has you covered. You can move it by hand with PVC rollers or rent a forklift to drive the shed from one place to another. These are the most common methods.

If you have the funds, you may be able to rent a crane that will pick up the entire structure. But if you don't want to deal with the headaches of hiring an operator and getting the necessary permits, it's best to go for the first two options. Learning how to move a shed on your own may seem appealing; however, an experienced mover knows all the tips and tricks to move your shed with ease and skill. The storage sheds can be moved disassembled or in one piece, depending on their size, weight, structure and composition.

Moving companies usually provide a team of at least two people, depending on the size of the job and the objects being moved. You don't want something to appear in a survey when you're going to sell in a few years and find out you need to move the shed again. Many of those who move choose not to move objects that may contain explosive material that could be pushed during the move. However, if you can pack and prepare an item correctly, there are moving agents who may be willing to move the item within an hour.

You may be able to move smaller items such as nightstands, small desks, chairs and small tables by yourself. It is important to understand that moving a storage building is dangerous if you have never done it before. Although Heavy Haulers can provide you with all the extra labor and equipment you need, it's important to complete this step for a simpler and safer move. Based on the size of your shed, the distance to travel, the permits needed and more, we will provide you with an accurate and affordable storage shed transportation quote.

In essence, anyone can move a storage building; however, the best way to move a storage shed is to hire a professional company for the job. Even if you're not going to create a cement base for your storage shed, you'll want to clean up rocks, dig a little, and tamp the area where you're going to place your shed. As one of Carolina's top storage relocation companies, Heavy Haulers is the ideal choice for your shed moving needs and can handle a variety of different relocation demands.

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