Will clothes be okay in a storage unit?

Yes, you can store your seasonal clothing in a storage unit. However, if you need long-term storage, it's a good idea to check the boxes every two years to prevent wrinkles and bugs from forming. Here's a crash course on basic clothing storage so you can keep your clothes safe and in good condition without leaving them in your closet. If you're trying to tidy up your house and need to store some of your clothes in a storage unit for a few months, don't freak out.

Keep this basic storage guide in mind and you can pack your clothes so that they can survive for years without problems. People are often afraid to store their clothes in a storage unit, thinking that they can be ruined in it. However, you can avoid this by storing them the right way. Clothes can attract fungi, fungi and pests and can be ruined if you don't store them properly.

This will help keep clothes clean and reduce the risk of bugs, pests and insects nesting in them. In addition, dirt, perspiration and food stains attract insects and other vermin that can wreak haVOC on clothes. Not only does this keep clothes at room temperature, but it also minimizes moisture and dust in the storage unit. Plastic containers are especially useful, as they are more durable than cardboard and can protect clothes from dust, moisture and possible pests.

If you're not sure what you need, talk to your storage facility's management team for advice. Some moving experts recommend storing all the clothes you don't want to get damaged in plastic containers in a storage unit. It's no use putting them in plastic bags and leaving them on the floor of the storage unit; you should pack your clothes carefully and provide them with adequate protection against dust, dirt, moisture and pests. To avoid such unfortunate situations and keep your clothes safe and fresh, you should wash them thoroughly before storing them.

Dirt left on clothing can seep into the fabric and cause stains and odors that are difficult (and sometimes impossible) to remove. Plastic boxes offer excellent protection against dust and dirt and prevent moisture from entering, greatly reducing the risk of mold and mildew forming on stored clothing. Just be sure to avoid wire hangers, which can rust or stretch fabrics over time (use padded plastic or wooden hangers) and to space garments to allow air flow (this will reduce the risk of mold and help prevent wrinkles and wrinkles). Coniferous wood is a much better option than any pest chemicals that can seep into fabric and cause clothes to smell and deteriorate.

Knowing the correct way to store clothes in a storage unit is essential to avoid musty odors, wrinkles and deterioration of materials. We have one last note about long-term storage of clothes in a storage unit; refold it from time to time. Using vacuum-sealed bags is a great way to save space in a storage unit, but vacuum-packing clothes when storing them isn't a good idea.

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